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Best Cat Repellents

The rationale you like cats a lot might be as a result of they’ve a thoughts of their very own. However that lovely attribute is irritating whenever you’re making an attempt to cease your pet from doing one thing they shouldn’t be doing or making an attempt to maintain strays out of your yard so that they don’t stress your indoor feline. If solely there was an ideal cat repellent to do the job.

As with all product made for finicky cats, some repellents work wonders whereas others fall flat. The most effective course of protection is to create an built-in, multilayered repelling plan. It’s not as difficult as it might sound, due to the variety of cat-repellent merchandise available on the market. Cats will dig of their heels and refuse to surrender their habits except you’re persistent and discover the precise mixture of merchandise to get the message throughout. From liquid spray to digital, there’s hope.

We’ll stroll you thru the most effective repellent choices and merchandise you should utilize to assist your indoor cat or out of doors strays change their methods. There’s no want to fret; all repellent options are humane, innocent, and unhazardous, and typically it’s enjoyable to observe the outcomes as cats start to catch on.

For those who’re utilizing a guide spray or a tool that emits a sound, reward your cat with a deal with whenever you see a constructive habits. That approach, your cat received’t affiliate you with the repellent.

Key concerns


There are sprays, granulars, scat mats, and various kinds of digital/battery-operated cat repellents. Repellents are designed and made to be humane and received’t put your cat in any hazard or discomfort. They’ll solely annoy your cat till it feels uninvited sufficient to cease visiting a restricted space. There are execs and cons to every kind of repellent.

Spray: That is the commonest kind of cat repellant. Quite a lot of sprays, equivalent to citrus-based merchandise, odor nice to people however to not cats. Some repellent sprays multitask as basic floor cleaners. Superior sprays use pheromone know-how to calm cats down whereas including noise to refocus your pet’s consideration to finish unfavourable habits.

On the draw back, frequent reapplication of sprays can get expensive. You need to be in keeping with the purposes or your cat’s unhealthy behavior will recur. Sprays are finest used indoors, not outside the place they are often washed away within the rain.

Granular: A big jug of granular repellent is right for safely scattering outside and makes use of odor to maintain cats out of gardens.

As with sprays, frequent reapplication can get expensive, and granular merchandise appear to be the weakest of the alternatives.

Scat mats: Indoor/out of doors scat mats have semisoft rubbery or versatile plastic nubs that uncomfortably tickle a cat’s paws, alongside the identical traces because the underside of a plastic carpet runner (which could possibly be equally as efficient for some cats). Battery-operated scat mats could emit a light shock when your cat places a paw on the floor. They’re completely humane, and even the Humane Society mentions them as a repellent possibility.

On the draw back, some cats like the texture of the rubbery pricklers, and also you want a number of mats to cowl loads of space.

Digital/battery-operated: Movement-activated ultrasonic gadgets that emit sounds are protected and considerably efficient. Gadgets that constantly shoot out compressed air or sprays of water can shock a cat into avoiding the world. All you need to do with these gadgets is ready it and neglect it. (Your cat’s reactions may additionally provide you with a chuckle.)

On the draw back, you need to use a couple of in a yard, although a single machine that emits sound may work in a doorway the place a stray cat likes to depart its mark. It’s additionally a hit-or-miss technique when making an attempt to determine the most effective spots to set the gadgets.

Cat repellent options


No matter how terrible the scent of a repellent is to a cat, it needs to be nice to you, should you discover it in any respect. For those who love citrus, you’ll admire citrus-based repellents, although your cat in all probability received’t. The identical goes for cinnamon, lemongrass, lemons, limes, or different fragrances in repellents which might be finest tolerated by people however not a lot by cats.

Multipurpose cleaner

Some sprays double as cleaners or stain and odor removers. Orange-based sprays work effectively as each. Search for bottles of focus that go a great distance when combined with water in a separate spray bottle. Take into account sprays which have zero artificial dyes or aggravating fragrances. A multipurpose repellent/cleaner degreases, and it’s safely used indoors on supplies from glass to leather-based to vinyl and outside on all forms of supplies from steel to granite to stucco.

Cat repellents costs

Cheap: From $6 to $13, you’ll discover many of the repellent sprays and small containers of granules. It’s an ideal entry value level to experiment a bit to see which spray repellent works on your cat or out of doors strays.

Mid-range: Between $14 and $26, you’ll discover the majority of various kinds of repellents. You’ll discover a number of ultrasonic and battery-operated repellents on this vary, plus coaching and scratch-repelling tape and indoor and out of doors scat mats.

Costly: Over $30 and as much as $64, you’ll spot many of the ultrasonic and motion-sensing out of doors gadgets. You’ll additionally discover multipacks of spray repellents on this value vary, so top off as soon as you discover one which works on your family.


  • Strive citrus. The best option to repel a cat is to make use of something with a citrus scent, from oranges to lemons to limes. There are many cat-repelling merchandise utilizing these scents, and if in case you have a choice, you should utilize the true factor indoors as a part of your deterrent plan. Hold a bowl of freshly cut lemons or limes on the counter the place you need your cat to cease prowling, or peel an orange in a room you need to hold off limits to your pet. Outdoor, discard lemon, lime, and orange peels within the areas you’d like to remain cat-free. By the way in which, strive bananas; some cats abhor the odor.
  • Strive sounds. In a pinch, use sounds that you simply create (versus a motion-sensor product) to repel a cat. For those who’re creating the sounds manually, use them sometimes round your pet. You don’t need your cat to develop into afraid of you. In fact, you received’t thoughts scaring off feral cats should you make these sounds outside. Use a whistle with a brief, sharp sound, or shake a can of unfastened change to startle and deter them.
  • Strive movement. One motion-activated cat deterrent might not be sufficient. As soon as a cat realizes there’s an annoyance in a single spot of your yard, it is going to discover a option to defy it and search for one other approach into your yard. It’s finest to be strategic in your plan and place a couple of motion-activated repellent in your yard or backyard. The cat will quickly get the message that the world is an excessive amount of bother to go to.

Different merchandise we thought of

There’s no scarcity of cat repellent merchandise in all types. We expect the battery-operated Sofa Scram Sonic Deterrent/Repellent could possibly be simply what you want. Lay the pad throughout furnishings and the contact of a paw prompts an 85-decibel beep to alert your pet that it’s a no-go zone. It may be used on chairs and sofas, counters, beds, doorways, or wherever else you want a fast however protected deterrent. It’s expensive, however you get two gadgets to make use of in numerous spots.

Scat mats are standard for indoors and outside, however they arrive in several types. For indoor use, we love the PetSafe ScatMat Indoor Pet Training Mat. It’s a battery-operated, clear, versatile vinyl mat that stops your pet from crossing the barrier by emitting an excellent mild three-second static pulse that teaches your cat to avoid the world. Notice: There are experiences that some cats discover the pulsing comforting and like to lie on the mat. For outside, repel feral felines with a scat mat like our favourite, the Homearden Garden Cat Scat Mat. Prickly strips are supposed to be anchored or positioned in your backyard, driveway, or round poles or bushes to maintain cats away. Cats don’t just like the nubby feeling beneath their paws. You possibly can even put them on furnishings cushions till your cat associates discomfort with the couch. Notice: Some cats like the feel and should lounge on high of the mats.

One other product, formulated for canines, works equally effectively with cats. The Company of Animals Pet Corrector is a well-received repellent that’s a can of compressed air. You utilize it manually, so it’s not a motion-sensing product. The can emits a innocent hiss of air that acts as a warning to interrupt your cat’s habits. The product is rarely to be sprayed at however away from the cat simply so your pet can hear the sound. You additionally don’t need your cat to affiliate you with the sound and develop a worry of being close to you.

To additional assist repel strays in your yard and backyard, add a unhazardous, cat-resistant herb equivalent to rue or rosemary. One other deterring plant is Coleus canina, additionally referred to as the scaredy-cat plant or Plectranthus caninus. The odor is claimed to discourage cats, however do not forget that one cat’s repellent is one other cat’s delight.


Q. Are there any supplies that repel cats that I can use indoors together with sprays?
For those who don’t thoughts taking a look at a number of items of random tape or foil strewn round your private home, we now have a number of good concepts that are inclined to work. Since you may’t use an digital water-spraying repellent machine indoors, you need to be artistic when crafting a plan that additionally makes use of spray.  Cats hate sure textures on their paws, equivalent to aluminum foil and tape. Foil’s crinkly texture and sound annoy cats, so place it wherever you need your pet to keep away from, together with counters. Or you should utilize double-sided tape, as a result of something that sticks to their paws is very exasperating to them. Put double-sided tape on furnishings to discourage your cat from scratching, for instance. One other texture cats hate is sandpaper. Thick plastic is yet one more deterrent. Drape it over furnishings and your cat will lose curiosity as a result of it’s not very claw-friendly.
Q. What ought to I keep away from when making an attempt to repel indoor and out of doors cats?
You need to keep away from something that makes a cat unwell. Even should you’re not a fan of feral cats, you wouldn’t need sick kitties working round your neighborhood searching for revenge in your yard. With that mentioned, keep away from utilizing mothballs, that are poisonous and should trigger cats to develop into sick and torpid. Mothballs may be deadly if ingested by a feline. Additionally, keep away from spraying important oils straight on cats. They’re poisonous to cats if absorbed via the pores and skin.
Q. Is lavender poisonous or is it a very good repellent for cats?
You’ll discover quite a few contradictory articles discussing lavender’s toxicity to cats. Bugs, pests, and animals on the whole are repelled by the bitter style of the plant’s leaves. However the scent of lavender could do nothing a lot for cats except they don’t just like the perfume. Nonetheless, in line with the ASPCA, the leaves of a lavender plant may be poisonous to cats if closely ingested. Linalyl acetate within the leaves causes cats to develop into nauseated, vomit, or lose their urge for food. Lavender important oil is one other hazard to cats. The ASPCA says that lavender (and different) important oils are poisonous when licked or ingested as a result of cats can’t correctly metabolize the compounds within the oil. To be protected together with your indoor cat, take into account retaining lavender away out of your pet and check out lavender-free repellents.

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